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The above image is used with permisssion by Robert Bowen (artist) & Harold Sullivan (owner of the Silver Bullet GTX). It's the best interpretation of the Woodward Avenue "Culture" that I've ever seen, and I truly appreciate them allowing me to promote this extraordinary look back. To purchase your own copy of this great print, please visit

Vintage Cars Online - Who Are We?


We're "Car Guys"
We buy and sell cars and parts online every day!

It's what we LOVE - we're EXTREMELY passionate and pretty knowledgeable about these cars.

With our nation-wide locator network we can find cars that don't want to be found. We can assist in shipping and inspection of the cars.

Buying "sight unseen" is risky, we know that, we'll help you through the entire process, it should be fun - right? 

When the time comes - we can help sell your car - we have a vast database of collectors and individuals that buy from us pretty frequently - let us work for you to find that perfect individual that will appreciate your car.

Please call us and we'll give you phone numbers of customers we have enjoyed working with - we're VERY proud of our reputation!

Thanks for stopping by! Dave Castine - Vintage Cars Online

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